New release LOVE’S BITTER HARVEST by Jas T. Ward



Welcome to McCall Farm, where two hearts

harvested love and then life made its fruits bitter.

High school sweethearts Matt and Katy McCall fell in love behind the bleachers with a kiss. Life is easy and happy until Katy is offered a job across the country and Matt refuses to give up his family’s generational farm. They painfully part—one due to stubbornness and the other ambition. Years go by and the rift widens until tragedy brings Katy back home to the farm—and the man who still held her heart.

But home is not the same and neither is the man she left behind. Matt is on the brink of losing the precious farm. He’s angry at life, and the tragedy has left him feeling like half a man. The last person Matt wants to see is the woman who left him for a career he believed mattered to her more than he did—and gutted his heart on the way out.




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Προηγούμενο άρθροΟ Γιώργος Γιώτσας μιλά στο Nikol’s Way!
Επόμενο άρθρο95 #TBT: Blast from the past

«Αν και της αρέσει να μιλάει πολύ, αγαπά περισσότερο το να γράφει. Να γράφει για τα πάντα. Μπες στον κόσμο της και μάθε για βιβλία, ταινίες, σειρές, παιχνίδια και ότι άλλο μπορείς να φανταστείς.»

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