GAME OF THRONES Trailer Season 7


Το περιμέναμε με αγωνία και δεν απογοητευτήκαμε. Το trailer για την έβδομη season του λατρεμένου Game of Thrones είναι εδώ.

Αλήθεια, εσείς ποιον υποστηρίζετε;

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«Science, my dears, is the systematic dissection of nature, to reduce it to working parts that more or less obey universal laws. Sorcery moves in the opposite direction. It doesn’t rend, it repairs. It is synthesis rather than analysis. It builds anew rather than revealing the old. In the hands of someone truly skilled… it is Art»
Gregory Maguire – Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West

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